About me

Just the ramblings of a 20-something trying to navigate her way through life…clinging to the truth that she is valued as a bride and woman…and that some day she would see Christ who is coming back to redeem her as a royal bride. Loving life and society is saying yes to the love of God daily…knowing that life is sustained by the mark of intimacy with Jesus.

This is pretty much me

This is pretty much me

Writing about my experiences are far easier than writing about myself. So in a nutshell I am not much of a writer (I would hardly call myself a writer), but I do like to write. As a young girl I often got caught up in story lines and books as a form of escapism, now I seem to enjoy the fruit of a life spent reading. I love reading blogs and I enjoy hearing people’s stories, it reminds me that I am in the storyline of the most epic novel ever written. I delight in the details of a theological script that unfolded about 2000 years ago, about a man named Jesus coming and redeeming me in his love and mercy.

More than anything I like to think of myself as being the lead character of God’s intricate story of my life. I often see so many faces pass me by and often forget that those lives tell another amazing story…a story filled with grace and mercy…one completed by the fully satisfying love of the man Jesus. Then I think to myself…if only someone knew that story. So this blog is about my story and my journey unto (hopefully) encouraging a world to tell theirs. I feel like so many people long to hear the gospel unlocked through our lives. So I thought, why not start a blog telling some details of my struggles, my fears and my brokenness. I hope that as you read my blog your heart would be enlightened to these truths:

  1. The story of Jesus is real, he is not a fictional character made up as a folk tale
  2. That you would know that being broken is okay…this too shall pass.
  3. That you would know that healing and comfort is possible
  4. Lastly that you would be able to take your heart to the Lord and know that he loves you just as you are

Random facts about me:

My name: Deidre´ (pronounced ‘dear-dray’) Mackenna, meaning sorrowful

Birthplace: Cape Town, South Africa

Current City:  Philadelphia, PA (woot woot, love this place!)

Age: 27 (currently, I wish I could cling to 27 for more than a year)

My favorite books (brace yourself):

  • Captivating by John & Staci Eldridge
  • The 7 longings of the human heart by Mike Bickle
  • Prayer, why my words to God matter by Corey Russell
  • Culture of Revival by Andy Bird

My fave drink (just because people always add this kind of thing to this kind of list): Coffee – best enjoyed with a book

What you would find in my itunes store:  Misty Edwards, Davy Flowers, Bethel, Jon Thurlow, United Pursuit, Bryan & Katie Torwalt, Bryan McCleery and just to keep it real some good ole Tracy Chapman.

My fave quote of all time: ‘The most terrible poverty is loneliness, and the feeling of being unloved.’ – Mother Teresa

So that pretty much gives you a very quick glimpse into who I am. Sidenote: I am not deep and super philosophical even though my writing style seems that way…I am a slow processor so I process through writing…and hence the style. That is pretty much me.

If you would like to keep in touch or subscribe to my newsletter feel free to email me: deidre.design@gmail.com

Happy blog reading!


2 thoughts on “About me

  1. M says:

    Hi Deidre, this is so weird I cannot begin to tell you how much. I received your nothingness message from my sister 5 seconds ago and honestly it has touched my heart in such a way that you cannot imagine, I’m sitting at work and fighting to hold the tears back, cause its so not cool crying at work… or at least I think so lol. Firstly you are a very courageous woman for sharing your personal experiences on a blog and for that I have a whole lot of admiration for you, we are all not that brave especially me. I used to be born again years ago (I know they say once saved always saved) and have back slidden, but truly I don’t think I have ever lost that connection with the Father, in everything I do I give him praise, in every conversation I have whether it be with my students or work colleagues I give him praise, and yes even over a glass of wine with friends I give him praise, what a hypocrite right? I’m a logical person so I’m always weighing up the pro’s and con’s to everything, my mind logically says I’m not in the right place to commit whole heartedly to being saved again but my heart is so ready to take the leap of faith, so Im constantly in turmoil with myself. Im not sure why I would tell you a complete stranger such personal things, I don’t even share this with my sisters and we are very close. See everyone looks and believes that I’m a strong woman and I guess everyone expects me to be able to handle everything and take things with a pinch of salt, but over the past year God has been speaking to me loudly and this shows in everything that has happened in my life in such a short space of time. I have been humbled in such a way that brought silence to mouth that always had a answer and something to say, I mentor abused woman and God put me in a situation where I was the abused woman and the irony was that I tell woman to speak up and that silence makes the abuser even stronger and yet when it happened to me I was too ashamed to speak, or ask for help or even tell someone more irony I know. The abused made a confident woman feel like “nothing” no wait less than nothing, it took away my self confidence, it broke me apart spiritually and mentally, you are the first person that has heard this story and it feels good, our secret ok.

    Anyway with that said be blessed and thank you for putting your thoughts and opinions out there for us to appreciate


    • Oh M, I am so blessed by the fact that you are brave enought to share your story with me. I am even more encouraged that you are able to allow yourself to want to come back to Jesus. If anything he loves you and is so proud of the yes in your heart, even though you think it is weak. If at anytime you want me to partner with you in prayer please feel free to email me at deidre.design@gmail.com I would love to pray with you and keep in touch. I am so blessed that my weak words have moved your heart 🙂

      Be blessed Dee

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