An eternal love…could be lost forever

Today my heart is filled with such deep sadness at the loss of dear people…whose faces I will never see light up my day again. Aunt Maria and Oom Piet to whom I never got to say goodbye. A while back (in 2012) I met this wonderful pair of homeless people who soon became my friends (see my blog entry homeless hearts part 1 & part 2.



Meet Oom Piet Boonzaaier the face that captured my heart


Aunt Maria Baatjies…the smile that warmed by heart and broke my heart many days

Last week I journeyed through the streets of Lower Main Road Obz…in search of my dear friends whom I left behind when I went to Kansas City. Not seeing them on the street warmed my heart thinking the social worker had finally gotten them both off the street and into a warm bed. I had managed to get Aunt Maria off the street in time for winter before I left. However the Oom (uncle in Afrikaans / a term of endearment to older folks)  was a bit more tricky as he had deep wounds of rejection, abandonment and broken pride. That life had stolen from him…that only Jesus could heal.

To my devastation I had discovered that both of them had past away. I could barely hold back my tears at the pain I felt in my heart. I had lost people dear to me, faces that had become a part of my life. They were my friends, and they had been Jesus’s friends. The way he loved them I had come to love them. More than anything I cried because they probably died alone, without someone to hold their hand on their sick bed…no one to tell them one last time that Jesus loved them and that he desired them to be with him. No one to hug them and care for them.

For the first time in my life it hit me… I am never going to be alone…EVER. Why because I have been favored by the Lord. I have been chosen to know him…and now I live so that others may know him as well. That no matter how much justice I try to give to a situation…it is never justice until you give Jesus. I have nothing to give but Jesus…if I fail to offer them Jesus….I have failed at  giving them anything.

I sit here thinking… I hope the small phrases of ‘Jesus loves you, that’s why I have been moved to feed you’ has moved their hearts and that someone has watered the seed unto salvation. I hope and pray that someone had the heart of the father towards them. Life is so precious and even more fragile is the loss of eternal life. The very fact that we do not open our mouths about the beauty of the Lord hinders another to come into the fullness of life eternal. The only hope we really have in this life is the knowing that Jesus is alive and he has died to prepare a place for us. That this life has no hold over us and that death is but an entry into life eternal. That even as we are beggars in this life we are a royal priesthood in another. That nothing in this world dictates our standing in the only life that matters…the one where we are truly satisfied. If only I had the courage to tell them…

My heart has been shaken by this tragedy, my eyes have been opened to the homeless hearts walking across my path. The many silenced by abandonment, rejection and condemnation. Being an imitator of Christ is loving like he loved…even when it means that a hug will leave a stench on your clothing because you hugged a homeless person. Even when loving hurts your pride and ego. Love transcends and covers a multitude of sins. Love abides in us…and through us…because Jesus lives within us.

I hope my blog has inspired you to love the way Jesus loves us.

Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute.
Speak up and judge fairly; defend the rights of the poor and needy. (Proverbs 31: 8-9)



One thought on “An eternal love…could be lost forever

  1. Harriet Box says:

    Thanks Didi. This is a beautiful reminder that life is not just about existing and holding down a job. Your example has inspired me. Keep going.

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