Melody dripping from my heart

It has been a while since I wrote much, so this morning I woke up feeling that lingering urge to write. I decided to write the melody of my heart, as I am found in this place of waiting. Often in that very place of nothingness it so easy to face you internal doubts, fears and just bitterness. So I wrote this poem as a reminder to myself that regardless of what my life looks like… A Jewish man named Jesus, is faithful and beautiful. The only constant truth in my life…the very fact of me breathing in a living testimony of his beauty…

Image by Stephanie Massaro, source

Jesus you are beautiful – Deidre Mackenna

Beautiful God, magnificent savior

I savor the taste… the goodness of this man

Etched on my being

Resonating in every crevice of my soul

The phrase remains:

‘Jesus you are beautiful’


The melody of life dripping from my lips

The very song that has kept my heart alive

The substance of life flowing through my body

The only reason for my existence


When faced with the trials of life,

I gird my soul and remember the truth

‘Jesus you’re beautiful’

Even in the burdensome times

I say: ‘Jesus you are beautiful

In the face of death I boldly say

‘Jesus you’re beautiful’

The stench of the fragrance of my life


One thing remains, unchanged for all eternity

‘Jesus you’re beautiful’

The truth engraved like a scar on my flesh

The scars he bore for my affections

‘Jesus you’re beautiful’


When I awaken at the threshold of eternity

I will know that even in the life that is to come

My being will be the living testimony

For decades I will confidently sing:

‘Jesus you’re beautiful’


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