Get out them swirls

When life gets the better of me… I just like to hear Him speak over my heart. Today is one of those days where I need to step out of the swirl of myself

Who do I say you are?

Selfworth attached to who he is

The one who barely notices me

Barely sees me in the room

Waiting with bated breath…

Wanting to be noticed, by the one who sees everyone but me

Finding myself yearning for him to see me

Here I am I scream through my make-up drenched face…

My dressed up existence…barely visible

Standing on the other side of the tinted glass

He gazes right at me, yet he fails to see me

Just a face in the background of his busy world

I withdraw my heart from everything and everyone

Feeling the burn of rejection, the sting of old wounds surfacing again

That old voice in my head pays me a visit

Mocking me…breaking me further

As I am about to retreat back into my void

That place of comfort…I barely hear a whisper

‘Who do I say you are?’

My opinion matters, my gaze matters

I see you…I hear you… I long for you

Warm tears streaming down my face

He wipes them all away and says ‘My opinon matters’

‘Stop looking to be filled by temporary moments in time’

I have seen you, like a lilly amongst the brambles

Like a rose in the wilderness of this life

Who is it that I say you are?

This is who you are

The one who ravishes my heart

If only you would see me…

If only you would hear my voice

‘Who do I say you are?




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