Woke up this morning is a half groggy state…not wanting to stand up and spend quiet time.By grace (only by grace) I made it through…after wanting to get back into my bed on this rainy day. Then while I was sitting here in the dark gloomy lounge of my Herrnhut dwelling…and it hit me…what makes me stand up and sit here…what is Jesus to me.

Here is to a personal piece about who he is to me
Fairer than the sons of men – by Deidre Mackenna

What is your beloved more than another?

Who is this man that I should desire him?

Firstly he is fully man and fully God

Humbling himself to look upon me

In humility he shaped my form

Knowing I would dismantle my image

In humility he upheld my form daily

By the breath of his word he held my life together

Holding breath in my lungs as I used them to dishonor him

Patiently waiting for me to hear his voice

Calling my name, while I filled my life with the noise of shame

Desiring to be close to me… I increased the distance between us

As his voice grew faint, he had to make me understand he loved me

So in a world where seeing is believing

He took on the shape I could relate with

He became a man, his plan was for me all along

Even until death he loved me

‘Father that Deidre may be with me where I am’

Breaking the silence on that tree…for all eternity

I would never have to be forsaken

Physically showing me love

This is my body, part take that you may live

Screaming Love from the top of his lungs as he hung there depleted by this life

Wake up and arise Deidre, my heart is for you

‘The pain of my affection is much greater than the nails pierced in my hands’

‘I would rather suffer death than suffer eternity without you’

So you ask ‘what is your beloved more than another?’

I will say this ‘What is my beloved not more than another?’


What is your beloved more than another?


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