So I am reading this book by Corey Russel called The Glory within and I TOTALLY recommend it. While reading it I was just hit with the phrase ‘born of God’ …like what does that even mean? What does it look like? the concept just kinda blows my mind most days… like God is this all powerful creator, commander of the universe and you telling me I am born of God….How is that!

I just keep getting the whole notion of being ‘fearfully and wonderfully made’…my soul does not quite know that all too well but we are getting there. Alas HS (Holy Spirit – my homeboy as I like to think of him) just dropped this into my mind the other night and I wanted to share it – I feel so much more inspired to write and just…let my mind go. So here goes:

Seed of God – by Deidre Mackenna  Date written: 13 August 2012
Creator God breathes

I am conceived

The very seed the all powerful God

Power reverberates in the core of humanity

God’s all consuming fire and authority

within man the full ability to walk

in the glory of the maker

Created to enjoy the fullness of God

His emotions, affections and devotions

Satan knew this to be our destiny

So in the garden of Eden he got the best of you and me

causing the fall of man

stripped of the fathers plan

Stripped from God and his glory

Leaving man under his authority

You see, our God is greater

In fact he is the all powerful creator

He brings forth new seed

To establish and germinate eternity

Jesus, the undefiled seed of God

Rooted and grounded in love

Brings forth salvation from above…

By the words ‘I believe’…. I receive

Eternity’s blessing is conceived

Death has no authority…darkness is but a memory

I am all I am meant to be

Death you have no victory.


Born of God


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