Time for some poetic love, so I have not written in a while so I decided it is time. This was just inspired by the beauty of Jesus and the lies he has started to untangle my gaze from.

Enlighten the eyes of my heart – By Deidre Mackenna

Seeing is believing…

I see and I desire

What I gaze at I become

I become consumed by the very thing I focus on

The more I look at worthless things

My being takes on the worthlessness

I start to become the worthless image I stare at,

day in, day out, day in, day out

The image burned into my retina

Etched onto my heart, in my thoughts and emotions, consuming my soul

Until I see the true image of worth and it changes me

That Jewish man on a tree

He captivates me, and my eyes linger

The more I gaze upon his beauty

I am transformed bit by bit, piece by piece

He gazes back at me, eyes blazing consuming me

Like a fire blazing he burns away the remnant of the image I once bore

Giving me the image he bore…

Intense gaze, raging with passion, overwhelming my soul

Fear and worthlessness dessipates… I see clearly

Who I am meant to be

The more I see the more I desire to see

Eyes fixed on eternity…

heart raging for love abundantly


Image on my heart


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